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I'm moving my webhosting service. I'm to the point where I'm sick of the people I pay too much to. When this post shows up on the site, I'll have succeeded at least in moving this domain.
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Modified Apparel sells scooter t-shirts and other cool designs. I also built their website, which I admit still needs some work. But the shirts are cool. They also do custom work, under the name Modified Printing (I made that site too). If you like their stuff, help the cause and link to them.
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Testing the new Blogger interface. It's nice. No easy way to handle images, but it might do.

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The fact that I'm not posting here very often (was it really November?) has come home to roost. I really want to get in on the Google gmail beta test, but it appears they're selecting testers from active Blogger users. This makes sense, if you think about it. Blogs are a major part of the hype engine, and if you're giving exclusive access to bloggers, they're going to brag about it. So anyway, I'm posting, wondering just how much it takes to count as an "active" Blogger user.
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Holy crap this is a great story.
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Bruce Sterling has a blog, Beyond the Beyond. No RSS feed though, so you have to manually check for updates. He promises daily updates, so hopefully there'll be something new every time you visit.
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